Open source grid computing

Join the NGrid project

The NGrid project is still in its very early stage. All contributions will be welcomed. For comments, please use the forums so the community could benefit from your inputs. To join the NGrid project, please contact me personnally at joannes AT vermorel DotKom.

Note that NGrid is under LGLP. This implies in particular that NGrid could be used in a proprietary application without having to disclose the code (except for the NGrid part that remains under LGPL).

Sub-project lists

If you are interested into taking part of NGrid, here below is list of possible sub-projects (the list is not restrictive, any other idea will be welcomed). Look also at our roadmap.

User authentication via custom sinks

Unless having the grid working behing a firewall, some authentication mechanisms are needed in order to prevent anybody from accessing the grid services. This can be done via custom sinks (see this page for an introduction). The first objective of this project would be to produce a custom sink that accept remoting access only from a whitelist defined in the app.config file of the application. Further objective may include user management and optional crypted communications.

Automated assembly distribution

Running a grid application requires to distribute the assumblies (or any required file). The first objective of this project would be to provide a component that could distribute any set of files in the grid. A second objective would be to have a per user local directory (concertation with the "user authentication" project here above required).

NGrid.IO namespace

A grid could also be used relialbility or data storage purposes. The first objective of this project would be to provide the NGrid.Core services that define the NGrid.IO namespace. The next step would be to provide various grid implementations of the NGrid.IO namespace (depending on the desired objective reliability, speed, scalability ...).