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NGrid - FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use NGrid to distribute my application now ?
For now, three physical grids have been implemented: NGrid.Mock and NGrid.Rosette and NGrid.Plasma. The NGrid.Mock grid is mostly designed for testing purposes since everything runs locally. The NGrid.Plasma is a P2P grid and is functional (although the load balancing algorithm are still very naive). Improving the load balancing is on top of the priority list on the roadmap.

Is NGrid a P2P / volunteer grid ?
Not really, although nothing prevent to implement a physical grid to be organised that way (the NGrid.Plasma physical grid is P2P). NGrid.Core is primarily a grid abstraction layer. Look at the NGrid introduction.

There are no jobs in NGrid ! Where is your job scheduler ?
That's right, there is no jobs in NGrid, because NGrid has a multithread programming model. Instead of finding smart workarounds to split everything in term of jobs, just run the threads that your are used to.

Are going to have the feature XYZ ?
Look the roadmap. If you can't find want you want there, please have a look at the roadmap forum and/or the RFE tracker.