Open source grid computing


NGrid is an open source (LGPL) grid computing framework written in C#. NGrid aims to be platform independent via the Mono project. NGrid aims to provide

  • a transparent multithread programming model for grid programming.
  • a physical grid framework & some grid implementations.
  • common utilities both for grid programming or grid implementations.

One page code sample to see what NGrid is about.

(NEW) The project weblog gathers the news and discussions.
Questions, look first at the FAQs, then at the forums.
The NGrid sourceforge project page.

Getting started

1. Have a look a the NGrid overview page.
2. Download NGrid.
3. Read Programming with NGrid.
4. Look at the NGrid.Core documentation.
5. Implement your own grid structures.
6. Execute your applications through the NGrid.Loader
7. (optional) Join the NGrid project or look at the roadmap.

Author: Joannes Vermorel
Special thanks to Warith Harchaoui and Victor Nicollet